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Innovative Living @ Venture 

Discover the Smart and Innovative ways that living at Venture Apartments iN Tech Center will simplify your busy life. Your new home will feature the latest and most technologically advanced amenities around for locks, thermostats and access to your apartment. Our high tech features save you time and money while giving you peace of mind.

Schlage Control Locks

Schlage Control locks eliminate the need for traditional keys to access your home and high end common areas. A single key fob allows access to not only your apartment building and common areas but also to the front door of your home. Venture Apartments iN Tech Center is the first apartment community in the area that provides you with a simple app on your smartphone that allows you to give controlled access to anyone that may need it without ever having to give them a key! Stuck late at work and need someone to go let your dog out? You can give them access via the smartphone app and restrict it again once Fido has been let out and secured back in your home, all without ever leaving the office!

Nest 3rd Generation Thermostats

Sophisticated home automation is not just for rich and famous anymore! Our 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostats quickly learn your heating and cooling habits and start adjusting the temperature in your home to your liking. This smart and innovative thermostat is a hassle free way to save time and money. Of course, as with most other smart devices, you can also adjust the heating and cooling of your home from your smartphone. Plus, Nest Thermostats are compatible with a huge amount of time and money saving products. Check out the links below to see what your new thermostat is capable of!

Products that Work with Next


Comelit Access System

Make your friends and family feel like you are living an episode of the Jetsons! Our Comelit access system eliminates the need for a doorman by allowing you to see who is visiting before you ever answer the door. When company arrives, they will enter a code requesting access to your building, and with this exciting feature, you will be able to see guests on your smartphone before granting that access. Venture residents are able to relax with the comfort of knowing that they are in control of who is visiting their homes.